How to design custom socks

One of the greatest feeling that one can have is when you are very convinced that you have what it takes to design a custom socks. It is important to note that the art of designing could be very fun in as much as there are expectations attached to what you are set to do.

Basically, custom socks that comes with a beautiful design of any sort or pattern can be linked to be produced by a sock manufacturer. Therefore, it is very much advisable to pick on a designer who works with the suitable machines. However, we are going to point out some important things you have to know on your own and every information that you will be introduced to here are practical information.

Be passionate about the beauty of what you want to produce and not how to make money from it. Therefore, it is advisable to you check the socks that you have someone in your place, try to look at it all from another dimension, analyze and criticize it, this will help you to think very well on the design that can suit your thirst. Also, you can look out for what models are on trend and popular among socks users. This simply implies that beautiful designs does not just come from the cloud, you must have done your own assignment through major researches.

From this point, you are expected to get guidelines to follow based on the type of model that interests you, your point of interest may come from any aspect of the socks, it might be in terms of the length or the style as the case may be. This teaches about understanding the basics of what you want and how to make the maximum beauty out of your interest. It is like wanting to make a sweet dream come through. From here, learn about sock manufacturing, the major things you should look for should cover knitting techniques, patterns, templates and finally a glossary.

If you are the type to prefer working with quality stuffs, it is advisable that you go for woven socks. This is because almost everybody that love using socks prefer the wooden socks over any other material. Apart from that, it is best to make a design on woven socks, which is it is best to have your design entirely woven in the socks.

Having introduced you to the above concept, it is worthwhile to consider how custom socks are made. The first thing that you must consider is your design. In accordance to what interests you, you can decide to weave socks with either a pattern or an image of your choice. You must note that it is quite difficult to have small lines designed on your socks. It is therefore essential to consider the pattern you want to have, better still, you can contact an expert to help look into the choice you have made and probably advice you on how to go about it. Having done that, you have to consider the width of the standard pair of socks you are working on. A standard pair of socks is 168 stitches, therefore, one side has 84 stitches.

Designing your custom socks requires a sock template, you must have the template so as to get a true form of what you want to design. This projects that you really know what you want to do even if it is the case that you will eventually hire an expert, such person will have to work with your idea. Basically, you will have to understand some necessary things before you make a final decision, therefore, you are expected to go with a sock company that are perfect with making real, fully knitted custom socks that are made from the scratch. From this point, you will have to send the design you have eventually selected to the manufacturer that have proved his competence. Based on your choice, the manufacturer will then help you to create a production mockup that is being used to program knitting machines. When you see the stuffs he is planning to make for you and it suits your taste and up to your standard and taste, you will approve it and the production will commence.

Having a knitted text designed on your socks is very beautiful. All you need to do is to do is choose a part of the socks which you can use for your text, you can make your text out of little squares rather than straight lines, depending on the concept that suit you most. However, you have to consider the fact that your text must be readable and clean when anyone is looking at it even from a short distance. Try as much as possible to be conscious of the font you are using, it could be in any font, but you need to have it in mind that your letters should not be too small, neither must it be clustered. If it is clustered, the text will be meaningless because the intended message will not be passed.

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