How to Become Sock Wholesaler With Walky Socky, Guidelines & Benefits

WalkySocky is a socks manufacturing and wholesaler company that has been in operation for 20 years. Our design and technical team are specialized in providing quality services for all kinds of sample making and grading. This is to ensure that all the samples meet the required quality and features. At WalkySocky we also create our collection with a broad range of colors. We keep coming up with new sock design to meet the ever-changing requirements in the socks industry.

At WalkySocky we have the best interest of our clients at heart. We are conscious of the kind of material we use, production and delivery while still maintaining the highest quality. We offer affordable prices to our clients without compromising on the quality of the final product. Our sincere commitment to our clients makes it easier for them to work with us. Our goal has always been to build a long-term working relationship with our clients.

In addition, WalkySocky has been working with many reputable socks wholesalers over the years. We offer the best prices so that, wholesalers can also be able to maximize their profits. We do listen to our wholesalers and offer exactly what they want. We can make wholesale custom socks depending on our wholesalers’ descriptions. We offer a wide range of socks variety to our wholesalers that include compression socks, bamboo socks, organic cotton socks, novelty socks, mercerized and combed cotton socks.To become one of our wholesalers, all you have to do is contact us and fill an online form.

Benefits of Becoming a Sock Wholesaler with Walky Socky

Wholesale marketing is when you get to buy goods in bulk from us and then sell them to the end consumer. There are quite a number of benefits you can accrue from becoming one of our wholesalers. Here are some of them.

Save Money and Make More

Wholesale marketing involves buying goods in bulk from us instead of going through a middle person. Buying goods from a middle person means that you will have to meet the markup fee unlike buying them directly from us. You will be able to save up to fifty percent if you decide to become one of our wholesalers. This will help you maximize your profits.

Learn First Hand About the Latest in the Industry

The socks industry is ever changing to meet new demands in the market. Buying directly from us instead of using a middle person will give you an opportunity of learning the latest trends in the market. This knowledge will help you remain relevant to your clients as you will be giving them exactly what they want.

Benefit from Our Discounts and Coupons

Time and again, we at Walky Socky give our clients discounts and coupons. If you become our wholesaler, you will be able to benefit from such incentives first hand.

Bottom Line

There you have it, WalkySocky is always aimed at providing the best to our clients. We make our socks using the best material available to enhance functionality and comfort. Our staff is also professionals and are trained to come up with socks of the highest quality. Moreover, it is easy to become one of our wholesalers,and it also comes with tons of benefits.

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