Our design & technical team is specialized in providing complete services for all kinds of sample making, pattern making and grading to ensure samples meet the required quality and features. We also create our own Collection with a wide range of colours and are constantly developing new products to meet changing requirements in the socks industry.

Full of passion and devotion, we strive to translate ideas, needs and trends for our customers into the final product facilitated by our in-house design and sample teams. As part of our business, we focus to help our customers source, design, develop, manufacture, test, inspect and transport their goods all over the world. We are continuously building up our partnership with more brands, licenser, wholesalers and retailers.

Our Value & Mission

Trust and integrity are the cornerstone of our long-lasting relationships. We care about our people, our customers and vendors in creating a sustainable future together.
Our Mission is to strive for a fair equilibrium between price & quality. We also offer value for money in a highly competitive industry.
We aim to be our clients best supplier of choice for the socks by developing strong partnerships with them.

Our Responsibility

To promote our worker’s happiness, productivity and livelihood.


We are innovating to provide the very best of service to optimize pricing, quality, packaging, quantity, logistics & delivery of the products.


We understand the challenge is not only on our side. Striving to create and enhance our value-added services, we provide a one-stop solution to our customers in order form them to facilitate their competitiveness in their own sector. We always seek the maximum potential for our customers.


  • High Quality Products
  • Competitive Prices
  • Timely Delivery
  • Professional Service
  • Comprehensive Products Range


Despite the cost pressure, our team continues to invest a lot on internal testing that we conduct randomly and deliberately to guarantee that every single product handed over to our customers are clean and in good order. Our focus are on azo, lead, phthalate chromium as well as other physical aspects with our customers to make sure of our best and correct products.